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PLF Computing is a project of James Meng.

I grew up in an household with two generations of significant American technology industry figures close to hand - my grandfather, Jack, who masterminded the launch of SBS-1, Earth's first commercial digital communications satellite, in 1980; and my mother, Gwen, who had done much of the key research for the computer models underlying the first quantitative-strategy hedge fund at Niederhoffer and Partners in the 1970s. I began programming in BASIC on a PC-compatible Tandy laptop at roughly 5 years of age and also on an Apple II shortly thereafter, and built my first PC from generic AT-compatible 80286 components at roughly age 9. I have been an hobbyist programmer ever since, am a skilled systems administrator and technician, and also invented the first 3D-printable concert violin and viola and wrote several crucial, related pieces of software including but not limited to having created two special-purpose distributions of Linux, now defunct.

Those who know me, know that I make no secret of the fact that my life has been extremely unpleasant as a result of extensive political persecution at the hands of criminal elements in the US Government. Having grown up around someone who had launched a commercial satellite that was powered by weapons-grade plutonium, I was tacitly expected, by government-funded criminals, to voluntarily subject myself to perpetually low wages and all-encompassing confidentiality agreements on everything that was nothing more than obsolete childhood dining-table chatter to me by joining the military. George W. Bush was busying himself with turning the better-run countries of the Middle East into parking lots at the time. So I refused, and built a private-sector career instead - first as an entrepreneur, dealing in antique violins, then in finance, fine arts, and biotechnology - until someone atttempted and failed to assassinate me by rigging my car to fly off a cliff in the Pennsylvania mountains a few days before Christmas 2016. I subsequently fled to Russia, where I lived and worked as a translator, teacher, and systems administrator for almost three years before returning to the United States in early 2020.

Upon my return, it became immediately obvious to me that there was a real need on Long Island for competent IT management services among the region's many small and medium businesses, many of which are still private and even family-owned. There are real, structural dangers to small and medium businesses today that are posed by major tech companies. Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and many others frequently attempt to illegally regulate small and medium businesses' employment and business outcomes by digitally antagonizing targets to a point where the question of who does what work and with what results is often decided by an ambitious criminal with a computer science education from a lower-class background in a third-world country while employed by an American corporation. This is the truth of the matter - something that these companies' CEOs and the United States' security agencies have largely turned a blind eye to, in hopes that doing so would help them achieve other geopolitical goals. Nevertheless, the outcome in the short and medium term is that these trends can pose a major threat to the very existence of your business. I can guide you through even the most unpleasant of technical difficulties.

I love Long Island. My first ancestors in America arrived here from Germany in the late 1600s, and I want to see local businesses continue to succeed. While I provide IT services, my background is in business. I'm not part of any IT "cartels" and my only goal is to make your IT systems work for you. Please do let me know how I can help.

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