PLF Computing

IT Consulting

As a complement to our systems integration services, we provide IT consulting services to help our clients address topics related to the software systems underpinning their businesses.

Small and medium businesses are often faced with a range of software considerations that they are ill-equipped to address. Without an in-house information technology manager, it can be extremely difficult to make good planning decisions, to ask the right questions during the purchase of new software solutions, and set out the right stipulations in contracts with new software and service providers so that your business continues to operate normally.

In that sense, you could think of IT consulting in many cases almost as a fiduciary service, not entirely unlike that of an attorney, engaged on your behalf. We can walk you through every step of software- and service-oriented decision-making, including engaging directly in contract development and evaluations with providers on behalf of your business so that you purchase what you need, with the service levels you need, the first time - and without unpleasant surprises.

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