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As part of the range of services we offer, we can procure suitable desktops, laptops, and servers to suit your needs. For those who wish to stay with Windows or Apple products, we're certainly happy to help you obtain a replacement to match or complement those that you use in your business already, with a view towards maximum reliability in selecting that replacement. But, in view of the many forms of in-built instability and planned obsolescence in the Microsoft and Apple ecosystems, we offer an alternative that was built with security, longevity, and energy efficiency in mind: the PLFbox.


Recently we spent a great deal of time producing a commercial, business-oriented desktop computer intended to function as a local, American analogue to the Russian Baikal desktops - the first entirely Russian-engineered and built desktop PC since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Baikal, created in response to an increasingly hostile digital ecosystem, was designed to protect Russian businesses and government agencies from unwanted intrusions and other forms of provocation by foreign and/or criminal entities.

It's now worth noting that security challenges do not always follow national borders. A substantial value proposition of the Baikal desktops in Russia is that they simply offer a viable alternative to the usual Microsoft and Apple desktop ecosystems - both produced in the Western USA by people in corporations with a very specific world view that tends to trend away from recognition of national borders and property rights entirely. In fact, one could easily make very cogent arguments to the effect that these companies have, to a substantial extent, escaped the control of their shareholders and effectively have now been socialised to such a degree that they now operate dumb terminals, rather than develop distinct operating systems.

While I have personally experienced many instances of illegal theft and plagiarism of intellectual property and computer hacking by employees of Microsoft, Facebook, and other American tech majors, previous clients with small and medium businesses in the past have reported significant problems as well. Microsoft, Apple and others frequently attempt to illegally regulate small and medium businesses' employment and business outcomes by digitally antagonizing target employees to a point where the question of who does what work and with what results is often decided by an ambitious criminal with a computer science education from a lower-class background in a third-world country while employed by an American corporation. This is the truth of the matter - something that these companies' CEOs and the United States' security agencies have largely turned a blind eye to, in hopes that doing so would help them achieve other geopolitical goals. Nevertheless, the outcome in the short and medium term is that this trend poses a major threat to the very existence of your business.

That's why we created the PLFbox.

A truly outstanding product using American hardware throughout, the PLFbox is based on the nVidia Jetson platform - a custom-built and ultra-energy-efficient processor design initially intended for sophisticated artificial intelligence applications that is superficially compatible with the British ARM processor architecture, but in reality couples an advanced, wholly American-engineered, multi-core, multi-threaded 64-bit RISC processor design directly to a world-leading graphics processing unit (GPU) that utilizes GPGPU computing (general purpose graphics processor computing) to accelerate the performance of a wide range of math-intensive processor operations. The result is a full-fledged business-class desktop computer without purpose-built security holes that consumes just 5 watts under full load with performance on the order of a far less efficient (at 350 watts or more!) typical Windows/Intel x86-64 based desktop. With a starting price of just $300, the reality is that the PLFbox will pay for itself very quickly in energy savings alone.

We've likewise put together a great office software suite for the PLFbox using ALT Linux, an operating system based on IBM's RedHat Linux and engineered in Russia for maximum stability and security. ALT Linux qualifies for the Russian government's highest-level FSTek security certification, designed for businesses with significant security requirements. Talk to us today about how the PLFbox can be custom-fitted to your organization's computing needs.


Price: $300


Online ordering is coming soon. Please contact us to make your purchase.

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