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E-Waste Recycling

Disposal of old information technology equipment and other household electronics has become a pressing environmental and industry issue. Each year, the United States of America generates substantially more electronic waste than any other country in the world. Disposal of electronic waste has presented many complex economic challenges: because of the large size of many items, they cannot be efficiently landfilled - and because the recoverable metals in most electronic wastes (primarily steel, and small amounts of copper) are of relatively low value, little effort is put into alternative disposal methods - unlike, for example, refridgeration equipment, for which there is a robust scrap market.

Historically, governments have confronted the problem of electronic waste by introducing requirements for manufacturers to provide for the sustainable, end-of-life recycling of their products. In New York, periodic collections have been introduced at the municipal level for residential customers. Some companies have seized the market opportunities associated with remarketing first-world small electronic waste - smartphones and laptops - in Africa and Latin America. But in many cases, the recycling of electronic wastes into residual metals is a low-profit, dirty business, undertaken primarily via export to China and Africa, where devices are simply burned in order to separate recoverable metals. Watch a CBS New York morning special on this subject below.

We offer free e-waste recycling as a charitable public service, including pickup and deinstallation if necessary. Absolute confidentiality for user data is guaranteed - military-grade data destruction processes are utilized. Metal recovery is accomplished locally via skilled disassembly, rather than by burning; plastics are recycled locally also. Remaining printed circuitboards are then provided to another vendor for additional metal recovery - trace amounts of gold and rare-earth metals. This helps our clients to legally dispose of their old equipment immediately upon demand and helps keep manufacturing costs for new products down in our local community. Contact us today to schedule a pickup time for your electronic waste.

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