PLF Computing

Systems Integration

In addition to technical support, we provide a full range of systems integration services. Depending on your organization's needs, we can handle anything from selecting new devices and peripherals for your office network, to implementing more sophisticated equipment - automatic backup systems, uninterruptible power supplies, shared printers and scanners, videoconferencing systems, and many more. We can also help you select and customize systems, software and peripherals to optimally suit your specific needs, maximize return on investment and minimize downtime, or even build PCs and other types of workstations and servers from scratch.

In many cases, these sorts of decisions aren't complicated on the face, but there's a substantial degree to which IT outcomes are the result of purpose-built forms of price discrimination and Mean Time Before Failure considerations: when purchasing hardware and software, few people ask "How often am I going to have support calls on this thing?" We can even help you squeeze the most out of every last cent of your business's IT expenditures by optimizing your existing hardware - or, alternatively, even throw all budget considerations away and custom-build you the world's fastest desktop workstation using an IBM POWER9 or POWER10 processor. You decide.

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